“Olive trees have many years and many lives. Many of them were burned by fire, but each time were driven back shoots that are slowly again become trunks and logs.”

The planting density is about 250 trees per hectare, the prevailing varieties are Salella (in this area called Marrella) and Rotondella, basic cultivar to make a real extravirgen olive oil from Cilento. There is also a variety Sanghenara they call, I do not know if in the sense of ” San Gennaro ” or, more likely, in the sense of bloody, because stain the hands of a purplish red color of blood.

The cultivation is currently in organic conversion scheme.

Harvesting is done with the help of vibrating combs between the second half of october and the end of november.
The olives are processed within the 24 hours.
The pressing is effected in a mill with a system of extraction in a continuous cycle in two phases Alfa Laval, with a controlled temperature to below 27 ° Celsius.
The extravirgen olive oil is packed in 500 and 750ml glass bottles and 5 litres tins. This kind of extravirgen is light fruity with fresh greengrass hints and a spicy aftertaste.

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