“…besides the philosophy and the temples, ancient Greeks left on Cilento’s ground a red vine plant, too. It was hellenic grapevine and in the course of time it turned into aglianico.”

We do not use sulfites neither cultured yeasts. No depth filtration.
Malolactic fermentation happens almost always
spontaneously in wood.
Even if the character is always the same, every vintage is different.


Rosso del Ciglio

Ciglio (brow) is the name of the area in which is the vineyard. The grapewine of this red one macerates for about ten days on the on the skins, then ages in barriques and tonneaux for ten months, and two months in glass.




Primalaterra (earthfirst) stays more than two weeks on the skins, then lees contact and batonnage during the winter in 10hl barrels for at least 18 months, then other six months in glass.


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